We never make products that anyone can create.

Cell Plus has been leading the localization of Yogurt Ice Cream Powder, which has been dependent on imports. It has supplied its powder to many large franchise cafés with excellent quality philosophy and thorough hygiene management with its own R & D and manufacturing lines.

Cell Plus has been growing with the domestic cafe culture for the past 10 years.

Yoga Bingo brand has been supplying to domestic hotels and franchise cafe headquarters for over 10 years and has grown steadily. In 2011, we are making another leap with the launch of the 'Sweet Page' brand. In addition to more than 10 types of frozen yogurt powder series with focus on wellbeing, we are presenting the direction of café menu with various kinds of premium powder such as green tea powder, flake powder and bubble powder which are developed by modern reinterpretation of health food ingredients.

It is Cell Plus that extends to the world.

We are continuing to achieve good results in export to overseas markets such as Japan, Australia, Malaysia and China as well as domestic. We are doing our best to think and study various tastes and health for high expectation and satisfaction of consumers. We look forward to seeing CellPlus as a company that is proud of contributing to corporate development and national development.