The strength of Montebianco Group, part of Illva Saronno Group, has always been its orientation to the future while respecting the traditions of Italian ice cream and artisanal pastries.

Year after year, Montebianco Group has set apart with service, structuring the Company as a complete supplier with Montebianco and Anselmi brands for gelato preparations in powder, liquid and paste form, as well as Chiaravalle and Eurobisco brand bakery products, manufactured in Chignolo Po (PV) plant.

Over time, the company has progressively enlarged the product portfolio including a complete range of complementary products sold under the Gespal brand, such as ice cream cones and cups, spatulas, spoons, moulds etc. Montebianco Group offers products manufactured with the latest technologies, guaranteeing quality, innovation and service to ice cream shops, pâtisseries, small scale “home-made” producers as well as large-scale industrial manufacturers.


Innovation has always been a fundamental component in Montebianco’s growth strategy. Ever since it was founded in 1966, the company has offered cutting edge solutions which have made Italian ice cream a huge success story, in Italy and increasingly abroad. An example is Stablimix, the first ready-to-use mix on the market, which is still today a benchmark for the sector and has made Montrbianco the leading supplier for artisanal ice cream mixes. Year after year, we have introduced numerous cutting-edge, innovative and exclusive new products: the first dairy-free soy gelato; a complete range of semifreddo desserts; the unique warm gelato, with an impressive “mountain” presentation; or Doppiozero, the ice cream without added sugar or fat.